Battle with the aging process

Everyone gets a little older every day. This is the reason why many people are interested in slowing down this process. That is the reason for this post. I will advise you what you can do to slow down this process. From lifestyle to supplements. All there is to know.

There are supplements that you can take for going against the aging process. DHEA is the most important one.You can buy DHEA online the cheapest so i recommend doing that. DHEA is a hormone that is produced in your body by some organs. When you get older your DHEA levels drop pretty hard. When you are around the age of 70 you only got 20-30% left of original level of DHEA. This is the reason why DHEA is popular under the elderly people who know of it. Next to going against aging it also got effect on your emotions and decreases depression, It also stabilizes your hormone level. Because of the stabilization you have fewer swings which is a positive effect from it. A last big point of the supplement is that it increases your immune system making the possibility that you get sick lower.

Making Water your Main drink.
Water is one of the cleanest things to drink. It cleans out your system because it isn’t toxic like other drinks like Coca Cola. It is also really good for your skin making it perfect to not only for your inside organs but also how you look. I have submitted a video of where they boil 2 liters of Coca Cola. You can look at the stuff you put into your body when you drink a bottle of Coca. So if you want to live longer and decrease the aging process I highly recommend you to drink water. The amount you should drink is around the 2-4 liters every day. When you drink that much it will cleans your body on regular basis.

Eating greens, greens and more greens
Green vegetables are a great source of a lot of vitamin and minerals. This is the reason why it decreases the aging process. Every health guide advises you to eat vegetables. If there is 1 thing people almost all the health professionals got in common is that they advise greens. The reason why greens is so healthy for you is that it is the food we started to eat thousands of years ago. This gave the cells in our body the chance to get used to it and they have gotten used to it. So they react the most to this kind of food. Next to that our bodies got used to it this kind of food also has the most vitamins and minerals in it. Making our bodies having use for the substances that are in the vegetables.

Where to find the needs:
For getting DHEA you could check this out.
Water comes streight out of the tap if your house works.
Vegetables are best to buy from farmers. That way you know they are fresh!

Why sleeping is important for your health

Why sleeping is important for you
If you like it or not. The chance that you need sleep to survive is about 100%. But what exactly is sleeping and why do we actually need to sleep? Those questions will be answered for you in the following article.

How much sleep do you actually need?
as we become older. We need less sleep each night. A baby needs around 16 hours of sleep. A little child will probably need to sleep between 11 and 13 hours. Youth needs 9 or 10 hours of sleep, depending on the person. Adults need around 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Elderly could have enough with 7 hours or even less. Although science still doesn’t know precisely the function of sleeping is it is known that it is important to sleep. Sleeping is important physically and mentally. This can be certainly the truth for people that workout for giving their muscles the ability to rest and recover from the hurt that they did to their muscles while practicing.

How do we sleep?
You will recognize is, you close your eyes and your mind drifts off to another world. Next thing you wake up and remember vaguely the dreams you had last night. But that is probably all you will know about the sleep you got the last night. This is strange because many things happen while you sleep.

When you sleep you proceed through 5 stages. The five stages are separated by two factors. The first factor is about how rapid your eyes move. In the last sleep stage this factor is very high which is called “Rapid Eye Moment” also known as REM sleep. The second factor is the amount of brain activity that took place.
The first 2 stages of the sleep you sleep real light. The third and fourth stages are what is called deep sleep. In the 3rd and 4th stage your body recovers from physical exercise.
During the REM sleep your brain is still active and your brain process and stores the information that one took in that day.
When the 5th stage is completed it returns back to stage 1 and the whole process continues again. The more cycles you have a night the shorter your light sleep is and the longer your REM sleep will be.

Why is it important to sleep
During your REM sleep the brain activity in the areas that cover emotions and social interaction is vastly greater than normal. This makes it the assumption by some that you need sleep to function in social environments during the day.
The mental consequences of sleep deprivation are a constant feeling of tiredness, less energy, the lack of motivation to do things. Next to those studies have shown that it will lower your ability to make good judgment and reaction.

Using GoPro HERO4 Camera For Your Health

Having passion for your environment
The nature around us is one of the most gifted things we humens have. Everyone has his own kinds of environments that he likes. Working out in these environments is the way to go in my gopro camera kopenopinion. You get to enjoy while you exercise and keep your mind and body healthy. This is a very strong combination. One of my passions is to combine nice thing with things that get me further in life. With this combo I always search for ways to improve them so I enjoy them even more or they are even better for me and today I will share another tip I have about it.

Running in the mountains
Next to going to the gym 3 times a week I go up to the mountains on Thursday and Saturdays. I first workout by climbing the mountains which are pretty high. When I reach the of the mountain I sit in silence for a while and meditate. From every trip I make pictures and videos. This way I can capture the beautiful nature I am able to experience up there and deliver it to my living room when I look back at them. On my walls I have different pictures of the mountains I have been in my life. Once in a while I rotate the pictures and get new ones. Sometimes I also give pictures of nature away to friends so they can enjoy them.

Getting a light camera
Since a while I threated myself with a GoPro HERO4 camera. This camera makes amazing pictures and videos and is also really small. This makes it for me a perfect camera that I can take with me on the trips I make. The housing of the camera makes it be able to resists shocks so I don’t have to worry about dropping it. When you are on rocky mountains it is not really safe to grab your phone. If it falls their it will definitely break really bad. So having a GoPro Camera was my solution for that problem.

Time Lapse photo’s
The GoPro action camera has the function of time lapse next to other great features. This makes it really easy to use when you want to make a picture of yourself with a great view in the background. Just put the HERO somewhere and stand till the shutter finish with making photo’s.

Fun Fun Fun
If you want to have more joy in your life buying a gopro camera can be a nice feature for your life so you are inclined to go more to beautiful places to make photos. And we all know that some of the most beautiful places are harder to get. Getting there will make you have to exercise

6 Factors Why You Must Eat Healthy and balanced

Envision that you lie on your bed at 11 PM. You have worked the entire day and made development yet still. You are not satisfied yet trigger there were a few things you required to do today but you do not have the power anymore to do those last activities.
There is a big opportunity you didn’t consume healthy that week and this might have induced that you could not acquire the electricity for those last jobs. This is one factor why your life would certainly be much a lot more attractive when you eat healthy.
Below you have a list of 6 reasons why eating healthy and balanced enhances your life substantially.

Reason # 1: You really feel much better
The way you feel is highly connecteded to your happiness. And let’s be sincere, feeling satisfied is one of the A LOT OF essential points we care about. Exactly what we consume determines a component of our joy and happiness, so we this ought to be reason sufficient.

Factor # 2: Rest much better
When sugar is going through our capillaries, we can not rest correctly. This is because it gives you an electricity burst. So when you have that energy burst your head does NOT want you to head to sleep.

Factor # 3: Appearing like a million profits
There is an expression that claims: “You are what you eat”. The bitter pill of this saying is that it holds true … So to be clear, when you consume healthy you are visiting look better.

Factor # 4: Better Immune so less misused time
When you don’t get the essential vitamins and minerals into your system, your system will experience. You can take a look at it as if your physical body was a machine and you really did not offer energy or the best kind of energy.

Factor # 5: Best Mind Power
Many people have no idea that your mind obtains influenced by the consumption of meals. however you can find it out very easy when you consume a cup of coffee. The coffee has caffeine in it which straight works with the mind which provides it an adrenaline boost. Also the factor made at # 4 (not getting the ideal foundation) make your brains not work ideal.

Factor # 6: Bouncing back speed
When you exercise regular you want your physical body to recover! This is given that when you exercise you weaken your muscle mass in your body and really damage a little. The real part of when you acquire strength is when your physical body recovers. When this happens your muscles offer signals that it was to weak the last time it acquired examined and needs much more strength for the following time (this originates from our primal years). So the physical body builds bigger muscles. For this process it needs a curtain kind of food design, otherwise it will certainly not gain its prospective, or it will certainly also break your muscles down. That’s the reason excellent food offers you a much better recovering speed.

Concerning the verdict it could be stated that there are lots of reasons you require to consume healthy. But it is all around you! If you desire to obtain the advantages that it has for you then go on and begin consuming healthier today.